Pain Management



Reduce pain and eliminate pain from severe to chronic degeneration, trauma and injury. Do you suffer from the following, Migraine Headaches, Troubled Feet, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Muscles Spasms, Sciatica, Neck and Shoulder Complaints, Injury/Trauma, Tendonitis, RSI, Bursitis, Ligament & Muscle Strain, Sports Injury Acute, Lingering Pain Due to Illness.

Pressure exerted on nerve tissue is the major cause of pain. Pain is an exceptionally strong signal that warns us that something is wrong. It may be a signal from our skin touch receptors and from internal receptors located in our muscles, joints and organs. Pain warnings are necessary to our survival, as they activate our body to protect us from danger. However as pain persists and we know its cause, we are able to apply therapy to the pressure causing the problem and provide stimulation or frequency to alleviate the pain and provide relief from the pressure upon nerves and begin to repair tissue and start regeneration.

Electromagnetic Lymphatic stimulation, Rife frequency, Pulsed electromagnetic field ( PEMFs) BioAcoustic vocal profiling will assist in determining the cause of pain and provide unique Frequencies to heal.

Muscle Management

Want to keep your players off the bench? Want to be able to efficiently plan your next workout? Muscle management has the ability to BioAcoustically predict weak or strong muscles before they become an injury.

Muscle Performance

Want to play a better game, an injury free game? Let Muscle performance BioAcoustically Evaluate your muscle status as you prepare to engage in your favourite activity/sport. Individual reports for each sport or a combination of reports can be generated for you.

Inflammation Detectors

Inflammation is a protective attempt by an organism to remove injurious stimuli as well as initiate the healing process for the tissue. This program will evaluate long term inflammation associated with joint and muscle pain, loss of structural function and mobility, organ and vascular insufficiency. Many diseases have their origins in inflammation and the lack of appropriate inflammatory mediators.

Maintenance and Repair.

BioAcoustically speaking , the body defines itself using frequency. These same frequency based biomarkers are used as a communication system that manages the cellular restructuring of the vibrational blueprint for all maintenance and repair. This program strives to identify and focus on the cellular scaffolding of the body.

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