Lymphatic Drainage


I use a BioPhoton device which is Ozonic Electro Magnetic advanced noble gas- tube Lymphatic Stimulation Technology with radio wave sound probe. The frequency helps the body to eliminate low frequency hosts such as bacteria, viruses. Parasites, mold, yeast and fungi  and other harmful invaders that do not belong in a healthy human body while en-livening normal healthy cells through re- polarity.

It is very effective aid for opening up and stimulating the lymphatic system, the body's natural filtering and drainage system. This type of Electro -Magnetic wellness helps the body to eliminate toxins quicker, safer, and easier.

The Bio-Photon with its electronic pulsing frequencies has been reported to dissolve lumps, clots, protein deposits, uric acid crystals etc. It helps to relieve pressure and swelling from injury or blockage through stimulation of the lymphatic circulatory system and balance the body so healing can take place.

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