Allergy tests


The type of allergy symptoms experienced by adults depends on the specific type of allergy.

People can be allergic to a wide variety of Foods, Drugs, latex, pollens, pets, moulds and insect stings. Some foods include allergic reactions to nuts, shellfish, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, condiments, meat, cereal and grains. Symptoms can be mild to severe and even life threating. Due to different variety of allergy types, there can be many different symptoms associated with particular allergies.

One must look for the health issues that create the allergies in the first place as we can eliminate allergies only to be burdened with more if the associated health condition is not corrected. Allergy testing is available to a wide variety of specific  allergens, including the above and fungus, moulds, Epithelials ,dust mites, mixed inhalents,  yeasts and streptococcus.

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