Behavioural Biology

Coaching, Counselling, Mentoring, Hypnosis, Deep State Re-Patterning

The pathway to health and happiness how stress can affect your health and well being

Coaching, Counselling and mentoring can achieve harmony and balance and release the past negative experiences. During our life  most of us experience negative and  unpleasant situations, some which go back to our childhood, this can cause depression, anger and resentment, poor judgement.

These negative experiences can block our ability to move forward, constantly thinking about those negative events or situations can prevent you from healing, block your creativity and affect your resilience.

Negative experiences can be traumatic, even holding on to grudges, which can burden us to carry useless baggage that slows us down. The negative energy can block our financial flow and create stress in all our relationships and other aspects of our life.

We may have a burning desire to see changes in our lives less stress , a healthier lifestyle, but actually implementing those changes involves much more than merely motivation although that's necessary as well. There are many tools designed to help us on a path of achieving goals , psychological  development and spiritual growth, we need to practice using those tools to gain freedom from stress and live in harmony and balance.

Behavioural  Biology explores your interactions on the Brain, Mind, Body and environment, which has a surprising influence in how we behave.

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