Multi-Wave Oscillator


Holistic approach treats the whole person, ignites the body's internal healing force and stimulates the body's natural abilities to heal itself. As cells with their varying rates of vibration make up the human body, we have 70 trillion cells in our body that act like little wet cell batteries that operate at a voltage of around 70 millivolts.

This energy drives cell metabolism and helps to enhance oxygenation, ATP production and overall absorption of nutrition and essential elements into the cell and removal of wastes out of the cell. Without this energy the cell voltage weakens and disease and illness sets in.

Since everything relies on these electrical signals, any breakdown in your body's electrical system is a real problem. Your only defence is your immune system if it cannot ward off a problem in your system, then in time your system fails and disease sets in. By raising the oscillating frequency of every atom in your body, we are increasing the rate at which the immune system operates, as well as eliminating the negative toxins your body is trying to fight off.

The Multi Wave Oscillator regenerates your cells and invigorates the strength of human cells and increase the immune response which in turn takes care of the offending pathogen. The Multi Wave Oscillator can improve many health issues from chronic to severe issues.

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